Our Testimonials

Abby rescued me from the abyss of back tax denial a few years ago. I was at my wit’s end when I came to her. But, she calmly and methodically worked thru my dilemma, ironed out the difficulties, spoke to the necessary authorities, and gave me a plan of attack that got me completely back on track. I am thankful I found her and have even recommended her to my other friends and associates whenever they tell me they need a good person who really cares!

C.S., New York

When I met Abby I was stressed about my tax situation, facing an IRS agent was not something I wanted to do. She represented me wonderfully and has taken what was an absolutely, overwhelming situation for me and put things in perspective. She has a vast knowledge of tax law and a demeanor that will put you at east. I highly recommend Choice Tax Solutions, the best choice for me.

R.H., New York

Abby’s work ethic and her concern for her clients are exceptional. It took us several years after moving to NYC to find a good tax preparer, and now that we have Abby & Choice Tax Solutions we plan on never letting go!

A&M H., New York

After years of taking a rather cavalier attitude toward tax issues, I finally found myself in a mass of confusion and debt. A friend suggested I contact Abby at Choice Tax Solutions, and honestly, she has completely changed the way I do things. She negotiated with state and federal tax officers for me and made my payments manageable. She taught me how to read the interest that I was being charged and I was appalled! Since working with Abby, I’ve become religious about saving receipts and keeping track of income in the belief that if I take advantage of the provisions in the tax code, I can save money and work on building my future for a change. Thank you so much Abby!

C.D., New York

If you look for tax help, don’t waste time: Abby is the best solution. I came with a complex international issue, with both personal and also companies aspects involved. Abby solved everything in less then a week. She was extremely professional, helpful, patient, efficient, and her fee is certainly honest. Do not hesitate!

D.O., Italy

I just received the IRS letter correcting my tax returns for 2006!! I’m ecstatic to have this resolved and I can’t thank you enough for all your help and patience. Coming to you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You now have a client for life and I’m going to refer any family, friend, and acquaintance I have to switch to you. Talk soon. Thanks so much & best.

J.N., New York

My wife and I discovered a tax warrant for us on the New York State Department of Taxation web site. We had several prior year returns that needed to be filed, and we had no W-2 documents to prove withholding. The situation was very grave. As we began researching and calling a number of different tax professionals, it was clear that they had little experience with this type of situation, and even less sympathy. In desperate need of a “deus ex machina,” we found Abby through an ad on Craigslist. Her professional and sympathetic ear was exactly what we needed. Abby formulated a plan of action and motivated us to obtain all of our W-2 documentation. Despite the fact that our returns demonstrated to NYS that we owed them nothing, they took a very aggressive posture with us, handing down a wage levy and an audit. Abby’s no-nonsense, “pit bull” attitude was exactly what we needed to get NYS to back off, which they did. Now, thanks to Abby’s top-notch work, we are current and in good standing with NYS. We recommend her highly and without reservation.

J. & B.M, Pearl River

Abby has prepared my taxes for the past two years. She discovered critical errors in my past tax returns prepared by other tax preparation services that would have been very costly for me. She asks the right questions and patiently provides answers to all of my questions. Abby is a serious professional and knows exactly what to do to keep her customers happy and out of trouble. I trust Abby with all of my tax preparation needs!

E.M., New York

The day that I met Abby, was the day that I stopped stressing. I had not filed income tax returns in four years and was worried that I was in a lot of trouble and owed a lot of money. First, Abby calmed me down, then she explained the situation in a way that I could understand. She took care of everything in a timely manner, and at the end of the day, the government actually owed me money. Her prices are very reasonable and her hours are very flexible. I highly recommend her services.

D.S., Florida

After living with a tax nightmare for several years and a couple of accountants seemingly unable to help, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Abby Eisenkraft. She immediately laid out a business plan that will lead me to a solution of my problems, but has in a very short time actually accomplished the first major step. I can’t recommend her more positively. Abby is a very thoughtful and caring person who never judged me once. She is a true advocate and for the first time in a long time I feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I have someone extremely competent and knowledgeable in tax law leading the way. She is truly the greatest.

M.K., New York

You are THE BEST. You and your staff have been involved on many levels re: tax issues and income.

I am ever so grateful for the education I’ve received. You have been there for me, financially for certain — emotionally as well. There is not way to get around it; money, finances and taxes are always laden with emotion. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

Hence the importance of having you at the helm of my financials concerns. Your expertise, devotion to your clients, compassion AND sense of humor has really awakened a new sense of responsibility and confidence when it comes to my taxes.

No matter WHAT changes in the law occurs, you’re always right on top of them!

Again, I am ever so grateful, Abby. Thank you!

C.B., New York

As my long summer vacation overseas came to an end, I started to feel like a sinking ship. Hovering in my mind was the fact that once back in the good ol’ USA I would have to face bleak r-e-a-l-i-t-y: I owed major back taxes and had not even filed for years previous since I was self-employed and struggling. That was my excuse, self-delusional and big, big mistake of course. I received scary notices from the IRS granting me a deadline to pay many thousands of dollars in fines and taxes in full, plus get up to date on seven years of past returns, or…or…or what? I didn’t have the money and my head was spinning. I needed to get straightened out. Fast.

I went online to consult a tax professional. There were many ads, “We can settle your IRS debt for pennies on the dollar!, We can remove all penalties, etc.:–all for whopping upfront fees of at least $4,000 and up –before ANY work was done. I checked references online of these heavily advertised tax solutions companies and was stunned. I quickly learned they were pie-in-the-sky promises, or outright ripoffs. Most people were devastated by the lack of help they received. In fact, most people ended up in worse shape — owing more and in major debt. No IRS discounts. NO magic solution. Only fear and panic.

However, by luck or divine intervention, my web search listed Choice Tax Solutions, run by Abby Eisenkraft and company. I called from Europe explaining y dilemma and was pleasantly surprised to be met with this straightforward and confident woman who wasn’t angling for high upfront fees and spouting slogans, she was sincere and supportive. Abby immediately alleviate my fears and gave me reassurance that we could together tackle my IRS problems – -one on one – and pay a reasonable fee going forward. At least a real person, locally accessible, with true conviction and passion to help her client. I headed back to the States and we got to work.

Over only a few meetings-and preparation on my part-we sorted out a total of 14 years worth of tax returns from my and my spouse filing separately, that’s 28 total returns including State and Federal. In the end, refunds cut my payments down, past filings made by IRS file tidy and up to date once again, and I actually felt the lift in my walk as a clear minded, tax abiding citizen, taking responsibility again for my income and IRS compliance. And without Abby stepping in to right my ship, I would be dead in the water—and broken by debt.

The IRS can be your friend or your foe, you make the choice. And not unlike a disease or taking care of your teeth, you can choose to manage this downside to life, even enjoy some wins along the way like refunds write-offs—or take no action and face sickness and an ugly, painful mug. Not a recipe for happiness. So, thanks to Abby and Co. for helping me restore my understanding and pursuit of happiness…um, until next tax season.

A.R., New Jersey

I take my tax questions to Abby because she is so knowledgeable. I am confident that I am in good hands and so is my money!

D.M., New York

I had quit a full-time job and began working as a full-time actor, so I knew I would need help with my taxes. Thankfully, my friend suggested Abby, who handled my returns quickly and efficiently (and got me a refund too!). I know I probably didn’t have the most involved tax prep, but filing as an independent contractor/performing artist was confusing to me (as someone who has used TurboTax since it was invented) and I was so happy to have someone to answer my questions and offer assistance with future tax planning, investment options, etc. Abby is knowledgeable, accessible and engaging, and she’s great at explaining things in laymen’s terms that I can understand! i know I’m in good hands!

C.J., New York


I found Choice Tax Solutions on the referral of a friend; he said that he and his wife were able to resolve a dispute with the IRS with their hands of intervention. I’ve had very impersonal dealings with my past tax preparers, but I find that I feel comfortable and reassured that my taxes are being handled by the most competent and aggressive problem solver available to me now. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

M.K., New York

Abby is not only very knowledgeable and efficient, but also patient, empathetic, and does not judge you if you’re a tax slob! If you’re a freelance artist/cartoonist/model like I am, she has the goods! She saved me from the mess I was in, and I’d be lost without her!

C.J., New York

Tax matters being one of those things you must get right, you need to depend on the best. Abby at Choice Tax Solutions is the best. Professional, easy to understand and trustworthy. Not a yes person, but the right person to be representing me before the IRS.

J.P., New York

I am 33 years old and was in deep deep trouble financially. I could not control my spending and I could not pay my bills on time. I was behind and defaulting on credit card payments, student loans and medical issues. I was also behind on rent and felt like I was in a black hole that I could not get out of. I found Abby at Choice Tax Solutions from a friend who went to her for tax preparation. I thought maybe Abby could help me organize my finances and help me out of the black hole. Well — she did just that and much more for me. She has given me confidence to believe that I did not have to live like this forever and that I could actually get out of debt, get on track and even have savings! My whole mental state has changed after her help. She really cares about her clients and refuses to let me slip. In this climate it’s important to have someone who can help your road to financial security. I trust her enormously and am truly lucky I have found her!

J.G., New York

Living in Oregon, I was looking for a reliable tax preparer for some tax issues I had to deal with in New York. My friend recommended Abby and she was very easy to work with via fax and email. I was trying to get taxes back after mistakenly filing in NYS, but Abby was able to get me a full refund and she worked very quickly to do so. I would recommend her to anyone.

J.K., Oregon

To say that Abby is a great tax expert, consultant and advisor does not begin to describe her and the expertise she offers. Like others, my husband and I found Abby on the Internet: divine intervention, indeed. Self-employed, I was facing TWO years of tax audits with stiff penalties I simply would not be able to pay: I was more than a little freaking out and losing sleep. A completely disorganized individual, my paperwork for those years was a complete disaster.

I could only imagine debtors’ prison.

I entered Abby’s office embarrassed and ashamed; she listened to me without a hint of judgment or dismay. Abby greeted every suggestion of fear and despair with a knowing, confident expression of “I really can help you; you WILL be able to find appropriate paperwork; we will go from there and IT WILL BE OKAY!!!! This is my expertise — and you wouldn’t believe some of the other cases I’ve handled successfully!

I listened to Abby. But I found MINIMAL paperwork (which she treated as a mother lode). She and her amazing assistant Ardis put together my paperwork in some utterly expert manner that helped my case when Abby went to the IRS. What I then remember was a call from Abby after her IRS visit on my behalf with the news that my debt to the IRS was extremely minimized … I believe she was so happy for ME that she called me from the IRS office, ecstatic on my behalf! To this day I am stunned at the result Abby reached for me.

And imagine: a professional whom you hire, who works day, night and weekends to be so empathic on behalf of one client. And that working style continues to this day, as we turn to Abby for all of our tax work and occasional financial assistance. Our situation is hardly straightforward, but nothing daunts Abby. She is, as you can imagine, unbelievably organized, and when you enter her office, she’s already put your paperwork together, asking you to submit that paperwork early so she can minimize your fee.

One more important detail: even my reduced debt to the IRS was more than I could afford. In about five minutes, Abby worked out a monthly payment schedule for me, which, as you might imagine, is doable without causing undue financial pain.

There is one thing about working with Abby that is scary. Whether you call her or send an email, you have a response that seems to come before you send the request. Whatever it is. My fellow New Yorkers will be in awe when I say that Abby’s response arrives faster than an order of Chinese food!

It is not an overstatement to say that I love having Abby in my life; it completely frees me up to worry about other non-financial matters! Read no further: call her now with any tax issues/problems that you have, you will sleep better immediately.

W.R., New York

As always, it was a pleasure working with you again this year, Abby. You always bring a high level of professionalism and courteousness to your job. We really do appreciate it.

A.M. & E.S., New York